Feline Jungle Kitty
ROLL BACK THE CLOCK? YOUNG AT HEART is designed to help your cat live better, for longer. Based on new life extension advances (adjusted to unique cat physiology) YOUNG AT HEART helps restore your cat's youthful metabolism and strong body.

BEST PROTEIN FOR OLDER CATS The ability to digest proteins declines with age, leading to muscle wasting (sarcopenia). Muscle wasting makes cats old before their time. YOUNG AT HEART helps restore healthy muscle status. Digestive enzymes plus new ultra-digestible proteins maximize utilization. L-Taurine and other key amino acids further support muscle status.

BETTER OMEGA 3s Feline bodies operate better on Omega 3 fatty acids, which more closely duplicate their genetic past. Omega 3s are anti-inflammatory and may help prevent cancer and cataracts, while supporting joints. Our Omega 3s don't smell and they stay fresh!

ANTIOXIDANTS--YES! Antioxidants, overlooked by others, are embraced in YOUNG AT HEART. Studies show antioxidants can prevent tissue damage in older cats. YOUNG AT HEART features renowned antioxidants - including SAMe - that may promote renal health.

EVEN PROBIOTICS YOUNG AT HEART contains probiotics like L acidophilus, indicated to benefit inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Our probiotics may also support urinary tract health. For maximum urinary health, make clean water available.
Feline Jungle Kitty Lean Cat 9.6oz Can
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Jungle Kitty Young at Heart 9.6oz
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