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I-Stain Drops 1 oz

I-Stain Drops 1 oz
I-Stain Drops 1 ozI-Stain Drops 1 ozI-Stain Drops 1 oz
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Safe and Natural. No harmful antibiotics or chemicals. Works by addressing the problem from the inside out.

For animals whose eyes constantly water and stain the eye area. Fight red yeast and fur staining around the eyes, feet and mouth area.

I-Stain Drops: A natural healing wash to help clean and prevent red yeast tear stains.

Directions: Apply several drops to the tear stain area with included comb, let air dry.

For maintenance: Apply once every other day in conjunction with the I-Stain powder. Repeated use will gradually lessen the discoloration of the hair under the eye.

Ingredients: Active: Silver 10ppm Inactive: Purifiedwater