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Incurin 1 mg (estriol) 30 Tablets

Incurin 1 mg (estriol) 30 Tablets
Incurin 1 mg (estriol) 30 TabletsIncurin 1 mg (estriol) 30 TabletsIncurin 1 mg (estriol) 30 Tablets
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Incurin (estriol), a new FDA-approved treatment for canine urinary incontinence in spayed females, which features convenient once-a-day dosing and a proven efficacy and safety profile.

The dose of INCURIN tablets is not dependent upon body weight. All dogs should receive an initial dose of 2 mg INCURIN tablets (2 tablets) orally once per day for a minimum of 14 days. After urinary incontinence is controlled, the lowest effective daily dose of INCURIN tablets should be determined by decreasing the dose in a step-wise manner from 2 mg once daily (2 tablets) to 1 mg once daily (1 tablet), then 0.5 mg once daily (1/2 tablet) depending upon the response of the individual dog. There should be a minimum of 7 days between each dose adjustment. After the lowest daily dose that controls urinary incontinence is identified, the dose may be decreased further by administering once every two days. Dogs should not receive more than 2 mg INCURIN tablets per day (2 tablets). If the dog does not respond to 2 mg of INCURIN tablets per day, the diagnosis should be re-assessed.