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Irap Plus Therapy Kit 60mL

Irap Plus Therapy Kit 60mL
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IRAP is different from other therapies because it addresses the cause of joint disease and its action is aimed at restoring joint lining and cartilage function. Studies performed at Colorado State University1 show that treated horses demonstrate reduced lameness, improved joint histology (cellular make up) and a tendency towards cartilage preservation.

irap® Therapy utilizes your patient’s own blood and natural therapeutic mechanisms. The patented irap syringe produces autologous conditioned serum (ACS) which contains beneficial anti-inflammatory and regenerative cytokines.

The irap® syringe contains glass beads that stimulate the white blood cells to produce the anti-inflammatory and regenerative cytokines. The whole blood is incubated overnight and then centrifuged and the serum collected. The serum is then re-injected into the patient.

Indications for use of IRAP in the joint include horses with a well-­defined synovitis/capsulitis, particularly those horses that do not respond well to conventional anti-­inflammatory joint medication and horses that have had arthroscopic surgery and have been found to have focal cartilage disease.

The new additional features of irap plus make it even more efficient and easier to use – a bigger volume syringe provides a higher serum yield, an additional port makes retrieving serum even easier, and new dimensions means it fits more centrifuges.