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Kit4Cat Hydrophobic Sand (2 lbs)

Kit4Cat Hydrophobic Sand (2 lbs)
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Kit4Cat is revolutionary hydrophobic sand that keeps the cat’s urine on top, making sample collection easy. It is non-invasive, looks and feels like regular sand, and cats love it. Kit4Cat is veterinarian-approved, and has gone through extensive research and validation testing. Kit4Cat is used by thousands of veterinary clinics and hospitals worldwide.

  • To use, simply spread the contents of a 2 pound bag of Kit4Cat sand into a clean and empty litter tray, and let the cat freely urinate onto the sand.

  • The cat’s urine will stay on top, allowing you to collect the urine using the pipette and vial that are included in every bag of Kit4Cat.

  • Collecting a urine sample with Kit4Cat is non-invasive, keeping the cat and its owner happy, and the vet and technician scratch-free.

Kit4Cat feels and smells just like regular sand, so cats are very cooperative patients when you need to collect a urine sample. If you have a diabetic cat, you can easily collect frequent samples in the comfort of your home. Kit4Cat is veterinarian approved and has taken many years of extensive research and development to bring to market.