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Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Toy for Dogs Junior

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For plush play that keeps dogs occupied and reduces boredom!

The Hide-A-Squirrel introduces an innovative approach to playtime. The toy works as a reverse puzzle. First, hide the squeaky squirrel pieces in the in the various openings in the plush tree trunk. Then, simply sit back and watch as dogs use their problem solving skills to retrieve them. Dogs love to search, stalk, and capture the small "squeaky" prey. Just one of these toys can result in a full day of play!

Plush Puppies by Kyjen
  • Squeaky squirrels increase pup's play drive

  • Provides hide-and-seek enrichment

  • Dogs take squirrels out, you stuff them back in
Join the massive number of pet lovers that have been buying our Puzzle Toys for the last 10 years. They work in reverse of regular puzzles; dogs take toys out, you put them back in. Our original puzzle toy line was created to challenge and develop your dog’s intelligence and problem solving skills. The puzzles exercise a dog’s natural instinct to search, stalk and capture its prey, as well as strengthening eye-paw coordination skills. Toy inserts can be replaced over and over again for endless entertainment and fun!