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Nutrocept 180gm

Nutrocept 180gm
Nutrocept 180gmNutrocept 180gm
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Nutrocept offers aging cells daily support in a highly palatable, easy-to-administer powder. Nutrocept’s unique formula of apoptogens includes Luteolin, Curcumin, Silymarin and Ginerols. Nutrocept provides long-term cellular support for: joints, liver, kidney, Immunity, metabolism, and the skin.

Notrocept is a polyceutical, a new class of nutraceuticals which combine a wide array of ingredients with overlapping beneficial effects.

In addition to others, Nutrocept offers a daily dietary dose of apoptogens, which help induce the genetically programmed process of apoptosis. This quiet form of programmed cell suicide supports healthy cell numbers while simultaneously clearing detrimental body cells. In contrast with the extremely high levels of dietary apoptogens in Apocaps, Nutrocept is the perfect daily supplement for the healthy dog. This clinical-grade supplement is only available with a prescription.

Nutrocept also contains Biovadex™, a patent-pending proprietary technology to deliver cytoprotective health benefits directly to the target organs. Nutrocept benefits include clinical-grade support of normal mobility and joint health, skin support, gastro-intestinal health, body condition and metabolism support, and to help maintain normal brain and liver function in the face of aging.


May be mixed in food for administration. A small amount of water may be added.

Weight (lbs) Daily Amount (Using included 6 g scoop):

Under 15 ...............1/2 scoop

15-80 ....................... 1 scoop

over 80 ................. 1-2 scoops