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RenAvast has been re-branded as AminaVast

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Renavast for Dogs 60ct Capsules

Renavast for Dogs 60ct Capsules
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RenAvast™ is a New Nutritional Supplement to Help Support Cats’ and Dogs’ Natural Kidney Functions. RenAvast™ is a combination of naturally occurring amino acids and peptides that supports the natural kidney functions in cats and dogs. Reported improvements include but are not limited to coat improvement, increased appetite, decreased vomiting, weight gain and a general all over sense of feeling better.

Administration: Cats and dogs will eat RenAvast™ with no hesitation and RenAvast™ is very easy to administer. Simply open the capsule and mix with food. Most cats and dogs will eat RenAvast™ in their normal food. For finicky animals or those whose appetite is decreased, we suggest mixing the contents of the capsule with about 1 tablespoon of a special food (a food the animal never gets is a great choice as they will be excited to eat it). Another option is to mix the contents of the capsule with a little tuna water and let the cat lap it up. For dogs, you may also hide the capsules in a treat such as peanut butter.

RenAvast Large dog dosage:
21-30 lbs.: 1 capsule twice daily;
31-40 lbs.: 1-1/2 capsule twice daily;
41-55 lbs.: 2 capsules twice daily;
56-70 lbs.: 2-1/2 capsules daily;
71-80 lbs.: 3 capsules twice daily;
81-90 lbs.: 3 1/2 capsules twice daily;
91-100 lbs.: 4 capsules twice daily.