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Thyrozine Powder (453.6g) 1lb

Thyrozine Powder (453.6g) 1lb
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A Palatable Supplement for the Correction of Conditions Associated with Hypothyroidism in Horses and Ponies.

Composition: Each Pound (453.6g) contains:
Levothyroxine Soldium USP ............................ 0.22% (1.0g)
One level teaspoonful contains 12mg of T4; one level tablespoon contains 36mg of T4.

Dosage: Doses should be individualized and animals should be monitored daily for clinical signs of hyperthyroidism or hypersensitivity. Suggested initial doses are 1-10 mg levothyroxine sodium (T4)/100 lb. body weight (2-20 mg/100 kg) once per day or in divided doses. Response to the administration of Thyrozine Powder should be evaluated clinically every week until an adequate maintenance dose is established. In most horses, this is usually in the range of 35 to 100 mg total daily dose of T4 (1-3 level tablespoonfuls Thyrozine Powder).

Warning: Administer with caution to animals with clinically significant heart disease, hypertension or other complications for which a sharply increased metabolic rate might prove hazardous. Use in pregnant mares has not been evaluated.

Storage: Do not store about 30C (86F) Keep lid tightly closed and store in a dry lcoation.