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Tick Tornano

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You and your pet live an active life! Protect yourself from the diseases and infections that ticks can carry.

The Tick Tornado®/sup> is the safer & easier way to remove ticks!

  • Without leaving the mouthparts of the tick in the skin
  • Without squeezing the tick, thus reducing the risk of infection
  • Without chemicals, quickly & painlessly

Instructions for use

Do not pull on the tick, instead rotate until it detaches.

  • Hook
  • Twist
  • Lift
  • Hold the handle between your thumb and index finger and slide the fork end of the tool toward the tick until it is caught between the prongs.
  • Lift the tool very lightly and rotate in either direction several (2-3) turns. You will feel when the tick has released its mouth-parts and it is safe to pull up on the tick and Tick Twister®.

The tick's body is not compressed while detaching it from the skin.
  • Squeezing or crushing the body of the tick may force infective body fluids through the mouthparts and into the wound site.
The tick is rotated instead of pulled.
  • When ticks bite, they insert their long, central mouth-part (called the hypostome) into the skin. The hypostome is covered with sharp, backward-facing barbs (similar to a harpoon) which help keep the tick firmly attached while feeding. The twisting motion of the Tick Twister® removes the tick while keeping the tick's mouth-parts intact. Pulling on a tick with ordinary tweezers can leave the mouth-parts embedded in the skin.